675 l (178 gal) Speidel Variable Volume Jacketed Dish Bottom Tank with Manway and Sight Gauge

675 l (178 gal) Speidel Variable Volume Jacketed Dish Bottom Tank with Manway and Sight Gauge


Premium quality stainless steel tanks built in Germany by Speidel.
Key Speidel Quality Features:
Easy to Clean Interior Finish - Speidel tanks wipe down easily without harsh chemicals. Easy cleaning means happier customers!
Superior, Pocket-Free Welds - Laser TIG welding ensures high-integrity joints without pockets that can harbor bacteria, decreasing the chances that your customers will have spoilage issues and increasing their chances for a positive winemaking experience.
Industry Leading Warranty - Speidel-Behaelter, GMBH offers a staggering 25 year warranty on the steel and construction of their tanks. You can sell your customers these tanks with the confidence that you're protected should anything go wrong.
Rubber Lid Gaskets - Speidel Variable Volume tanks are supplied with high-quality rubber lid gaskets which have been shown to give a much better seal than the less-expensive vinyl gaskets supplied with Italian-made tanks. A better seal means less oxidation. Less oxidation means better tasting wine. Better wine means your customers return year after year.

Tank Features:

  • Volume: 675 L with lid in place
  • Variable Capacity Tank includes Floating lid and Heavy Duty White Rubber Gasket
  • Manway
  • Max Coverage Jacket: 1.1 m² (4x 1" MPT connections)
  • Complete Drainage Dish Bottom
  • Sight Gauge
  • Reinforced Racking valve
  • 1.5" TC connections
  • Thermometer and Thermowell Combo included
  • Sample Valve included

Tank Dimensions: 900 mm D x 1620 mm H.

Please Note:  This picture does not cover the complete feature set, and shows a lifting arm which is not included on the 675 L tank.