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We offer 2 general types of presses, Water Bladder presses from Speidel, and Basket presses from Fratelli Marchisio.

Water Bladder presses from Speidel are industry-leading, German made machines that have proven themselves in years of use. Speidel is the original manufacturer of water bladder presses. With their experience and quality, you and your customers are sure to be happy with the water bladder presses.

Speidel water bladder press features:

  • Stainless steel slotted screen baskets, and tough enamel painted bases
  • Works on standard household water pressure (up to 3 Bar/44 PSI)
  • Recessed valve assembly to protect from damage
  • Quick Disconnect "GEKA" fittings to connect the water supply
  • Water bladder presses ship in cardboard boxes for protection and easy storage

Fratelli Marchisio is a leading manufacturer of products for winemaking and foodservice. Marchisio basket presses are easy to use, dependable, and well priced for home winemakers. 

Marchisio basket/ratchet presses feature:

  • Heavy duty enameled steel basin, shaft, and ratchet head
  • Reinforced hardwood basket, disassembles into 2 halves for easy pomace removal and cleaning
  • Presses ship assembled and are shrink-wrapped for protection

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