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We offer a selection of Speidel and Fratelli Marchisio stainless steel tanks.

Speidel variable capacity tanks provide some of the best quality products, with the features and options that professional users require.

All Speidel variable capacity tanks feature:

  • An unmatched 25-year warranty. If 5 generations of manufacturing experience are not enough, the warranty ensures your tank will have a very long useful life.
  • "2R" rated interior finish.  Not just a random specification, this means that the surface is so smooth that contaminants and tartrate deposits have a hard time sticking to the stainless steel.  2R goes beyond highly polished, the metal is smoother and stronger at a molecular level. 
  • High quality robotic laser welds for strong and smooth seams.
  • Conical bottoms with front facing "pocket drains" on tanks with legs.  Allows for full emptying of tanks and is easy to clean.
  • Strong white rubber air gaskets for complete sealing with no leaks.  "C" shaped channels gives good contact between the tanks and the lid, and do not have seams where air can pass through.
  • Available in multiple configurations and styles for every application.

Marchisio variable capacity tanks are perfect for fermentation and storage of must and wine.  Made of high-quality stainless steel, and featuring variable capacity lids (also called floating lids), they allow the tank to be sealed while minimizing air contact. 

Marchisio tanks feature:

  1. AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  2. Variable capacity lids, with clear food-grade vinyl air tubes
  3. One stainless steel female pipe thread (FPT) collar for attaching the included chrome spigot, or any other fitting you  would like. 
  4. Stands are available for tanks, sold separately


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