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MB® 3.5 bbl Electric Hot Liquor Tank | COSMETIC DEFECT
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MB® 3.5 bbl Electric Hot Liquor Tank | COSMETIC DEFECT

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Condition: New - Cosmetic Defective

This unit is new. It is in new and good condition but has cosmetic defect(s) such as scratch(es), dent(s), and/or has damaged packaging

MB Pro Brewing Systems are very well constructed and represent an amazing overall value. They also boast a very impressive feature set.

Our 3.5 bbl Pro Electric Hot Liquor Tank features three 9,000W heating elements, insulated walls for energy efficiency, condensation ring, and a host of other key features guaranteed to satisfy the expectations of today's pro brewer.

A float switch is pre-installed just above the heating elements, which is intended to protect your elements from running dry. The device comes unwired and needs to be included in a circuit in order to function.

Great Quality from MB
Our brewing systems are made at a family owned manufacturer in the Ningbo region of China. Ningbo is where most premium beer tanks and brewing vessels come from and represents a known style and level of quality when compared to other areas of China. Our professional brewhouse equipment is designed by our in-house R&D designer Colin Kaminski, a former brewmaster for 15 years. Cleanability, ease of use, and durability are our primary design criteria. Our manufacturing partner in China is a father/son team that takes great pride in what they do. Some discount dealers buy from different manufacturers who offer one-off deals. That can be fine one time but not the next.

Great Value from MoreBeer! Pro
If you used MoreBeer! as a homebrewer, you may not know that MoreBeer! & MoreBeer! Pro combined is one of the largest brewing supply companies in the world with over 250,000 customers. We’ve seen countless homebrewers turn pro, and there’s nothing that makes us happier than being a part of that transition. As a privately owned brewing supply company that's been in business for over 25 years, we’ve established relationships with suppliers and manufacturers around the world and at every level of the industry. We get a great price and we pass that on to you.

All Features:

  • Oversized to allow mashing and sparging without having to top off
  • Insulated walls for safety and energy efficiency
  • Condensation Trap so no flue is used
  • Sight Gauge to check volume
  • Fill Port
  • Tapered Bottom w/ Center Drain
  • Float Switch to protect the electric elements from running dry (wiring required)
  • Powered by (3) 9,000-watt 3-phase 208V elements
  • Total Amperage Draw: 75 amps at 3ph 208V
  • The kettle must be grounded
  • PT100 Temp Sender
  • Analog Temp Gauge for quick reading
  • Internal LED Light

Specifications for 3.5 bbl HLT:

  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Internal Finish: #2B
  • Tank Height: 61"
  • Tank Diameter: 47"
  • Empty Weight: 375 lb
  • Working Volume: 4.5 bbl
  • Max Volume: 5.1 bbl
  • All ports are 1.5" TC except for DN350 Manway, DN19 Condensation Pipe, 4" TC CIP Port, 2" TC Element Ports, 4" Welded Vent

Please note: this unit is supplied without controls for the electric elements.

Power requirements listed represent actual amperage draw.  Please consult a licensed electrician to determine what amperage breaker is required based on your local codes.

Please Note: This item requires a professional electrician for installation. 

Please Contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-600-0033 to assess shipment costs and place an order.


Item # PBE10035-MB-CD
Weight 375 LBS