Session IPA - No Boil Kit

Session IPA - No Boil Kit


A moderately hopped Session IPA offers a deep golden hue with a crisp clean finish. Ferment between 64–77°F (ideally in the middle  range).

Makes about 2.5 gal (10 L) of beer.

In the pack:

  • 28.2 Ounce can of Session IPA
  • 22.7 Ounce bag of Dry Malt extract
  • 11 g pack of Nottingham ale yeast

Please note that the instructions on the can of IPA Hopped LME say that it is to be used with 2 bags of DME. This is true for another IPA recipe from WilliamsWarn, but the Session IPA recipe only calls for the one inlcuded bag of DME.

Item # KIT386
Weight 4LBS