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KegLand Oxebar Mono PET Keg | Ball Lock Keg | Floating Dip Tube | 5.2 Gallons | 20L
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KegLand Oxebar Mono PET Keg | Ball Lock Keg | Floating Dip Tube | 5.2 Gallons | 20L

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This 5-gallon keg is lightweight, compact and has high oxygen barrier properties with 3x better (meaning less) gas transmission than traditional PET grades of plastic making it suitable for beer storage or other oxygen sensitive carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

The included Ball Lock Tapping Head comes complete with Red & Yellow Ball Lock Caps for gas and beverage, floating dip tube with filter screen, and pull-ring PRV. Molded handles make it easy to remove the tapping head for cleaning and also allow you to stack the kegs on top of each other, even with your ball lock quick disconnects in place.

Being made from the Mono Barrier PET Polymer Matrix, rather than stainless steel, this keg is lightweight and an ideal choice for draft dispensing on the go. But with all the key features of a standard corny homebrew keg, plus the added feature of the floating dip tube, the Oxebar Mono Keg makes for an affordable keg option for home dispensing as well. Fit up to 3 of these bad boys in a KOMOS Standard or Deluxe Kegerator, or fit up to 6 in the KOMOS Double-Wide Kegerator.


  • 20L Amber Mono Barrier PET Oxebar Keg
  • Dual PCO1881 Lid Assembly with Oxebar Black Handles
  • Green Pull Ring PRV (65 PSI)
  • Silicone Floating Dip Tube w/ Filter Attachment
  • Red & Yellow Ball Lock Quick Disconnect (QD) Caps
  • Height: 25.1"
  • Diameter: 9.2"
  • Volume: 5.28 Gallons

NOTE: Oxebar Mono kegs are marked with a manufacture date. 2 years after production, and every 2 years after first use, it is recommended that the keg be hydro tested to ensure the keg is holding pressure. Hydro test instructions are below. You will also need a 100 PSI Gray PRV to perform the test.

  • Fill the keg to the brim with room temperature water
  • Replace the Green PRV with a Gray PRV rated to 6 BAR or higher
  • Pressurize the tank to 6 BAR (87 psi)
  • Hold the keg at 6 BAR for 1 minute
  • Release the pressure and immediately remove the Gray PRV and swap back to the Green PRV
  • If leaks or potential points of failure are found, replace the tank
Item # B286
Weight 3 LBS