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Medusa™ | Multihead Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
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Medusa™ | Multihead Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

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Introducing the new Medusa Multihead Counter Pressure Bottle Filler.  This unique unit is perfectly designed for the small craft brewer or dedicated home brewer.  Finally, a counter pressure filler that can keep up with your bottling needs! Featuring 304 SS construction and high-quality components, this unit is built to last.  Reduce exposure to oxygen and increase your shelf life by bottling with this counter pressure filler.  Both height and fill pressure are easily adjusted for all four filling heads simultaneously. After years of development, we are pleased to be able to offer such an amazing unit, at such a spectacular price! 
Features include:
  • Four separate filling heads
  • 3-way stainless steel valves
  • Improved Pressure Relief Valve has higher accuracy over fill rates, and directs foam into drip tray rather than onto your bottles
  • Removable Drip Tray is fully draining with barbed outlet for constant filling & easy cleaning
  • Robust stainless steel frame stands on its own or can be easily bolted or clamped to work surface
  • Stainless steel fill reservoir keeps fill rates equal & reduces foaming
  • Easily adaptable to fill from nearly any pressurized vessel
  • Height is adjustable from shorty bottles to growlers
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning, storage, & maintenance
  • Sanitary 1.5" TC inlet for beer, 3/8" tube connection for CO2
  • Backpressure Bar allows for a single adjustment point for fill rates, no more adjusting PRVs on each fill head
  • Individual Purge Valves on each head allow nearly complete removal of all oxygen in a bottle. Keep your beer fresh longer
Item # KEG820
Weight 28 LBS