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Dry Malolactic Wine Bacteria - Enoferm Beta
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Dry Malolactic Wine Bacteria - Enoferm Beta

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Enoferm Beta is a single strain of Oenococcus oeni (ex Leuconostoc oenos), isolated from a Cabernet Sauvignon wine from Abbruzzi. It was selected due to it's good performance under difficult wine conditions, positive sensory contribution, and security from its low use of sugars and very low volatile acid as well as biogenic amines production. In winery trials, Enoferm Beta was able to induce MLF at temperatures as low as 55o F. Most direct inoculum preparations have difficulty completing MLF unless temperatures > 64?F, while Enoferm Beta can be used in wines with temperatures > 57F.

  • 2.5 g - good for 66 gallons
  • 25 g - good for 660 gallons
  • Alcohol tolerance <15% v/v.
  • SO2 tolerant <60 ppm
  • pH: >3.2
  • Temperature: >57 degrees F

    Different lactic acid bacteria strains do have an impact on the flavor profile of wine, Enoferm Beta can positively contribute to the sensory profile of the wine, by enhancing spicy and red fruit aromas, low diacetyl production, better structure and body,and less astringency and bitterness.

    You can't store malolactic bacteria once the package has been opened. Note: Malolactic bacteria added during the ferment will compete with the yeast for nutrients and are atagonistic to yeast, potentially resulting in higher VA levels. The best time to add an ML culture is after racking off the gross lees.