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BrewBuilt™ Mash Tun False Bottom Kits
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BrewBuilt™ Mash Tun False Bottom Kits

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BrewBuilt False Bottom Kits include everything you need to upgrade your BrewBuilt Brewing Kettle to a Mash Tun. 

Features List:

  • Heavy Duty Perforated Stainless Steel Screen
  • High Strength SS feet eliminate any chance of False Bottom collapse
  • Gasketed Seal - Custom Molded Silicone Gasket w/ dual wiper blade tech eliminates any chance of grain passthrough
  • Minimal Dead Space - Lowered False Bottom and Pickup tube reclaim Dead space, allowing for you to brew bigger beers!
  • Quick Disconnect Pickup Tube - Stainless Steel Pickup tube easily installs thanks to threadless quick disconnect system
  • Center Draw insures highest efficiency possible


  • Stainless Steel False Bottom
  • Silicone Gasket
  • Quick Disconnect Pickup Maximizer Tube
  • Does Not Include Kettle

Note: These products have a minimum advertised price of:

BE753 10 99.99
BE755 15 99.99
BE757 22 124.99
BE759 31 134.99
BE759A 50 199.99

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