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  • Sales tax will be charged on all applicable purchases, unless you have an approved sales tax exemption form on file with Brewmaster.
  • Exemption forms vary by state, and by the intended use. States have different exemptions for "Resale", "Manufacturing", "Use", and other exempt activities.
  • If you need help determining the correct exemption form, contact your states Sales Tax or Revenue Depeartment.
  • To be marked as exempt you must submit the completed exemption form to our Customer Service Team for review. Once approved, your account will be set as exempt from sales tax for the state(s) in which you have provided valid exemption forms.  



To be approved for a sales tax exemption, please email your completed exemption form to our customer service team.

Email sales tax exemption forms to:

To expedite processing:

  1. Use the subject line: Sales tax exemption form
  2. Ensure that all required fields are completed. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. 
  3. Include our company information as the “Seller”:

701 Willow Pass Rd, Ste 1
Pittsburg, CA 94565


Frequently Asked Questions


Q - Where do you charge sales tax?

A - Most US states and the District of Columbia require the collection of sales tax, unless we have an exemption certificate on file. We charge the sales tax rate based on the delivery address. 


Q - How do I find the right forms?

A - The best resource for information about sales tax is your state sales tax authority. Most states have helpful business tax departments that will be familiar with your local circumstances. Call or email to ask which forms to use.

You can also contact our Customer Service department for some assistance. We may be able to provide general resources and answer basic questions. *Please note that we are not able to specifically advise customers what to do, it is the responsibility of the customer to be familiar with any applicable regulations and submit the appropriate forms.


Q - How do I know if the products I purchase are exempt?

A - This varies by state, and will depend on your intended use of the product and the terms of your exemption certificate.  Exemption certificates may be issued for “Resale”, “Use”, “Manufacturing”, or other uses as allowed by your state.


Q - I am a business, isn’t everything I buy tax exempt?

A - Businesses are not automatically exempt from sales taxes. You must document that you have an approved exemption reason (ex. resale, use, manufacturing, etc.), and have an approved exemption certificate on file with our company.


Q - Can I provide just my reseller number, or my state sales tax certificate, or do I need a specific form?

A - Every state has different requirements, you must provide whatever is correct for your state. Most customers will be more familiar with their state requirements than we are, and it is the customers responsibility to determine what is correct. If you are not sure, consult with your state's sales tax authority for instructions. 


Q - Do I have to update the forms?

A - Be aware of any expiration dates or limitations on the exemptions. Customers are responsible for submitting updated or amended forms if they expire, or if the info on the exemption form changes.


Q - Can I be refunded for sales tax on previous orders?

A - In general we are not able to refund sales tax charged on prior orders. You must have had a valid resale certificate on file and noted the exempt items when placing the order. If you have any questions about this, please contact customer service.